#058 Grant Cardone - 10X Life Advice from Self-Made Living Legend 💰

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Ward Richmond
January 2, 2024

Trucker: Grant Cardone

Day Job: Private Equity Fund Manager & Real Estate Investor Home Base: Miami, FL  

A little background here: I recorded this conversation in 2019 while Grant and I were working together in a mentor, mentee dynamic. Please tune in and pick the gems out for yourself. Thank you Grant for your time and y’all listeners for supporting the cause.

Connect with Grant:


LinkedIn: Grant Cardone  

Instagram: @grantcardone    

Connect with Ward:

LinkedIn: Ward Richmond  

Instagram: @ward214tx - @truckinonnn  


YouTube: Truckin' On w/ Ward Richmond -  Supply Chain Real Estate Truckin On theme song: Spotify - Apple      

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